A repair and alteration service is available for any clothing you may have that needs resizing, mending or giving a new lease of life. All our alterations work is carried out in our Cotswold studio by our small team of seamstresses.

For alterations to wedding dresses please get in touch to make an appointment. Please remember to bring the correct height heel for long dress hems.

Below is a list of typical alterations and prices that we offer. Please get in touch for further estimates and pricing.

Jeans hem -from £14
Blind hem trousers -from £18
Trouser back seam -from £15
Hem evening dress (1 layer) -from £25
Hem evening dress (2 layers) -from £35
Taking in side seams with zip -from £24
Replace zip in trousers/jeans -from £20
Jacket cuff shortening -from £28
Jacket narrowing -from £28

postal alterations

We are also able to offer alterations by post. Please use the form below if you require this service and we will contact you to confirm receipt of your request, clarify your requirements and indicate turnaround time. You Can also download our alterations form as a pdf and post it to us.

Amy & Ran

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Gentlemen too...

We extend our alterations service to menswear, including tailored jackets and coats. For trouser shortening, particularly suit trousers, it is a good idea to bring along the correct shoes for the pinning.